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"Floofy Roller" Pet Hair Remover Tool

"Floofy Roller" Pet Hair Remover Tool

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"Floofy Roller" Pet Fur Remover for removing dog / cat fur from clothing, furniture, and carpets.

Say goodbye to constantly finding pesky dog fur all over your furniture, clothes, and car seats. Tired of using sticky tape or batteries for removal? The Floofy Roller Pet Fur Remover Tool is here to save the day! This must-have gadget utilizes a roller and storage compartment to easily remove and dispose of dog or cat fur from any surface. By rolling back and forth, watch as the fur is collected and then simply empty it into the trash. It's that effortless. Plus, the Floofy Roller is environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and compatible with all types of fabric. It can even tackle lint, dust, and hair from other pets. It's a game changer for dog owners who want to keep their home and car fur-free. Order the Floofy Roller now for a happier, cleaner life with your furry companion.


  • Reusable
  • No sticky tapes or adhesive paper.
  • No batteries or power source is required
  • Designed with a high quality durable ABS plastic body and nylon brush.

Instructions for use:

1. Put the roller side of the brush on the surface to be cleaned

2. Push and pull the roller back and forth till all the fur has been collected.

3. Press the latch on the fur storage compartment to open it and empty the tool.

4. After using for a period of time, the effectiveness will be reduced. By simply washing the brush with some water, the effectiveness will be returned to the original condition.



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